Shop Nurse Apparel & MORE

Shop Nurse Apparel & MORE

Hello to all my fellow nurse babes! Say goodbye to the boxy... 

  • Handmade With Love

    Each item is handmade special for you! Add some flare to your next shift or grab that cozy item you look forward to putting on after a long day's work.

  • Happy Mail Experience

    Every order is wrapped to perfection in adorable and trendy packaging with your name handwritten on it! Who wouldn't want that arriving to their doorstep?

  • Sustainable Materials

    Since 2021, we have tested countless materials and techniques to provide you with the highest quality handmade creation! Care instructions are also included to aid in longer wear!

Happy Mail Experience!

Lets be honest... who wouldn't want to come home after a long shift to a super cute package with your name written on it! Each item is handmade with love and pressed to order. You also get a free sticker, a coupon code to use next time you shop with us, and a hand written thank you card!

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