Melanie Van Sistine is Nurse Entrepreneur of The Year by (2023)

Melanie Van Sistine is Nurse Entrepreneur of The Year by (2023)

I'm thrilled and honestly a little overwhelmed to share some beautiful news with you all—Mel's Crafty Corner has been honored with the "Best of Nursing Award" from This award is incredibly special to me, not just as a recognition of my nursing background but as a celebration of how we've brought that sense of care and compassion into everything we create and share at MCC.

This award really hits home. It represents a journey—my journey—through some real challenges within the nursing community. From sustaining a severe back injury while on duty, which fundamentally changed my career, to facing isolation from peers when I needed support the most, these experiences have shaped me. They've also fueled my passion for crafting not just products, but moments of comfort and kindness through Mel's Crafty Corner.

At MCC, we blend nursing's empathy and attention to detail with the creative expression of crafting. Each piece we create isn't just meant to be seen—it's meant to be felt. Whether it's a hand-made t-shirt or a custom sticker, we believe in making items that comfort the body and soul.

What stands out for me, and what I hope resonates with you, is the connection we forge through what we make. Our community isn't just about transactions; it's about interactions—sharing stories, offering support, and celebrating the small, personal victories we all cherish. 

Receiving this award is a reminder of why I started this path: not for accolades, but to make a difference in whatever small ways I can, one day at a time. It reaffirms my commitment to you all—to continue creating with love, care, and a deep respect for the stories we all carry.

Thank you for every bit of support, for sharing your stories with me, and for being a part of this journey. Together, we're not just crafting items; we're crafting well-being, healing, and maybe a bit of joy too.

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Originally announced, December 1, 2023

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